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Network Profiling Using Flow

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By Austin Whisnant
Member of the Technical Staff
The CERT Network Situational Awareness Team

Austin Whisnant Knowing what assets are on a network, particularly which assets are visible to outsiders, is an important step in achieving network situational awareness. This awareness is particularly important for large, enterprise-class networks, such as those of telephone, mobile, and internet providers. These providers find it hard to track hosts, servers, data sets, and other vulnerable assets in the network.

Exposed vulnerable assets make a network a target of opportunity, or “low-hanging fruit” for attackers. According to the 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, of the 855 incidents of corporate data theft reported in 2012, 174 million records were compromised. Of that figure, 79 percent of victims were targets of opportunity because they had an easily exploitable weakness, according to the report. This blog post highlights recent research in how a network administrator can use network flow data to create a profile of externally-facing assets on mid- to large-sized networks.