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The Value of Systems Engineering

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By Joseph Elm
Senior Member of the Technical Staff

Joseph ElmBuilding a complex weapon system in today’s environment may involve many subsystems—propulsion, hydraulics, power, controls, radar, structures, navigation, computers, and communications.  Design of these systems requires the expertise of engineers in particular disciplines, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, metallurgical engineering, and many others. But some activities of system development are interdisciplinary, including requirements development, trade studies, and architecture design, to name a few.  These tasks do not fit neatly into the traditional engineering disciplines, and require the attention of engineering staff with broader skills and backgrounds.  This need for breadth and experience is often met by systems engineers. Unfortunately, system engineering is often not valued among all stakeholders in the Department of Defense (DoD), and is often the first group of activities to be eliminated when a program is faced with budget constraints.  This blog post highlights recent research aimed at demonstrating the value of systems engineering to program managers in the DoD and elsewhere.