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Security Pattern Assurance through Round-trip Engineering

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By Rick Kazman
Senior Member of the Technical Staff
Software Solutions Division

Rick KazmanThe process of designing and analyzing software architectures is complex. Architectural design is a minimally constrained search through a vast multi-dimensional space of possibilities. The end result is that architects are seldom confident that they have done the job optimally, or even satisfactorily. Over the past two decades, practitioners and researchers have used architectural patterns to expedite sound software design. Architectural patterns are prepackaged chunks of design that provide proven structural solutions for achieving particular software system quality attributes, such as scalability or modifiability. While use of patterns has simplified the architectural design process somewhat, key challenges remain. This blog explores these challenges and our solutions for achieving system security qualities through use of patterns.


Measuring the Impact of Explicit Architecture Documentation

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By Rick Kazman,
Visiting Scientist, Research Technology & System Solutions

Rick Kazman The SEI has long advocated software architecture documentation as a software engineering best practice.  This type of documentation is not particularly revolutionary or different from standard practices in other engineering disciplines. For example, who would build a skyscraper without having an architect draw up plans first?  The specific value of software architecture documentation, however, has never been established empirically. This blog describes a research project we are conducting to measure and understand the value of software architecture documentation on complex software-reliant systems.