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Assessing the State of the Practice of Cyber Intelligence

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By Troy Townsend,
Senior Analyst
SEI Emerging Technology Center

Troy Townsend The majority of research in cyber security focuses on incident response or network defense, either trying to keep the bad guys out or facilitating the isolation and clean-up when a computer is compromised. It’s hard to find a technology website that’s not touting articles on fielding better firewalls, patching operating systems, updating anti-virus signatures, and a slew of other technologies to help detect or block malicious actors from getting on your network. What’s missing from this picture is a proactive understanding of who the threats are and how they intend to use the cyber domain to get what they want. Our team of researchers—which included Andrew Mellinger, Melissa Ludwick, Jay McAllister, and Kate Ambrose Sereno—sought to help organizations bolster their cyber security posture by leveraging best practices in methodologies and technologies that provide a greater understanding of potential risks and threats in the cyber domain. This blog posting describes how we are approaching this challenge and what we have discovered thus far.