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Reflections on 20 Years of Software Architecture: A Presentation by Linda Northrop

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By Bill Pollak,
Transition Manager
Research, Technology, & System Solutions

Bill PollakA search on the term "software architecture" on the web as it existed in 1992 yielded 88,700 results. In May, during a panel providing a 20-year retrospective on software architecture hosted at the SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) conference, moderator Rick Kazman noted that on the day of the panel discussion—May 9, 2012— that same search yielded 2,380,000 results. This 30-fold increase stems from various factors, including the steady growth in system complexity, the increased awareness of the importance of software architecture on system quality attributes, and the quality and impact of efforts by the SEI and other groups conducting research and transition activities on software architecture. This blog posting—the first in a series—provides a lightly edited transcription of the presentation of the first panelist, Linda Northrop, director of the SEI’s Research, Technology, & System Solutions (RTSS) Program at the SEI, who provided an overview of the evolution of software architecture work at the SEI during the past twenty years.


A Summary of Key SEI R&D Accomplishments in 2011

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By Douglas C. Schmidt
Chief Technology Officer

Douglas C. SchmidtA key mission of the SEI is to advance the practice of software engineering and cyber security through research and technology transition to ensure the development and operation of software-reliant Department of Defense (DoD) systems with predictable and improved quality, schedule, and cost. To achieve this mission, the SEI conducts research and development (R&D) activities involving the DoD, federal agencies, industry, and academia. One of my initial blog postings summarized the new and upcoming R&D activities we had planned for 2011. Now that the year is nearly over, this blog posting presents some of the many R&D accomplishments we completed in 2011.


Developing Architecture-Centric Engineering Within TSP

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By Felix Bachmann,
Senior Member of the Technical Staff,
Research, Technology, and System Solutions

Felix BachmannBursatec, the technology arm of Groupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV, the Mexican Stock Exchange), recently embarked on a project to replace three existing trading engines with one system developed in house. Given the competitiveness of global financial markets and recent interest in Latin American economies, Bursatec needed a reliable and fast new system that could work ceaselessly throughout the day and handle sharp fluctuations in trading volume. To meet these demands, the SEI suggested combining elements of its Architecture Centric Engineering (ACE) method, which requires effective use of software architecture to guide system development, with its Team Software Process (TSP), which teaches software developers the skills they need to make and track plans and produce high-quality products. This posting—the first in a two-part series—describes the challenges Bursatec faced and outlines how working with the SEI and combining ACE with TSP helped them address those challenges.


The Growing Importance of Sustaining Software for the DoD

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Part 2: SEI R&D Activities Related to Sustaining Software for the DoD
By Douglas C. Schmidt,
Deputy Director, Research, and Chief Technology Officer

Douglas C. SchmidtSoftware sustainment is growing in importance as the inventory of DoD systems continues to age and greater emphasis is placed on efficiency and productivity in defense spending. In part 1 of this series, I summarized key software sustainment challenges facing the DoD.  In this blog posting, I describe some of the R&D activities conducted by the SEI to address these challenges.


Measuring the Impact of Explicit Architecture Documentation

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By Rick Kazman,
Visiting Scientist, Research Technology & System Solutions

Rick Kazman The SEI has long advocated software architecture documentation as a software engineering best practice.  This type of documentation is not particularly revolutionary or different from standard practices in other engineering disciplines. For example, who would build a skyscraper without having an architect draw up plans first?  The specific value of software architecture documentation, however, has never been established empirically. This blog describes a research project we are conducting to measure and understand the value of software architecture documentation on complex software-reliant systems.