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Open Architectures in the Defense Intelligence Community

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By Derrick H. Karimi
Member of the Technical Staff
Emerging Technology Center

This blog post is co-authored by Eric Werner.

Derrick KarimiIn an era of sequestration and austerity, the federal government is seeking software reuse strategies that will allow them to move away from stove-piped development toward open, reusable architectures. The government is also motivated to explore reusable architectures for purposes beyond fiscal constraints: to leverage existing technology, curtail wasted effort, and increase capabilities rather than reinventing them. An open architecture in a software system adopts open standards that support a modular, loosely coupled, and highly cohesive system structure that includes the publication of key interfaces within the system and full design disclosure. One area where the Department of Defense (DoD) is concentrating on the development of service-oriented architectures and common technical frameworks is in the intelligence community, specifically the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E). As this blog post details, a team of researchers at the SEI Emerging Technology Center (ETC) and the Secure Coding Initiative in the SEI’s CERT Division, are working to help the government navigate these challenges in building the DI2E framework, which promotes reuse in building defense intelligence systems.


The Importance of Automated Testing in Open Systems Architecture Initiatives

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By Douglas C. Schmidt
Principal Researcher

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The Better Buying Power 2.0 initiative is a concerted effort by the United States Department of Defense to achieve greater efficiencies in the development, sustainment, and recompetition of major defense acquisition programs through cost control, elimination of unproductive processes and bureaucracy, and promotion of open competition. This SEI blog posting describes how the Navy is operationalizing Better Buying Power in the context of their Open Systems Architecture and Business Innovation initiatives.  This posting also presents the results from a recent online war game that underscore the importance of automated testing in these initiatives to help avoid common traps and pitfalls of earlier cost containment measures.