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An Overview of the SEI Technologies Forum

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By Douglas C. Schmidt
Visiting Scientist

We use the SEI Blog to inform you about the latest work at the SEI, so this week I'm summarizing some video presentations recently posted to the SEI website from the SEI Technologies Forum. This virtual event held in late 2011 brought together participants from more than 50 countries to engage with SEI researchers on a sample of our latest work, including cloud computing, insider threat, Agile development, software architecture, security, measurement, process improvement, and acquisition dynamics. This post includes a description of all the video presentations from the first event, along with links where you can view the full presentations on the SEI website.


Measures for Managing Operational Resilience

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By Julia Allen,
Principal Researcher
CERT Program

Julia AllenThe SEI has devoted extensive time and effort to defining meaningful metrics and measures for software quality, software security, information security, and continuity of operations. The ability of organizations to measure and track the impact of changes—as well as changes in trends over time—are important tools to effectively manage operational resilience, which is the measure of an organization’s ability to perform its mission in the presence of operational stress and disruption. For any organization—whether Department of Defense (DoD), federal civilian agencies, or industry—the ability to protect and sustain essential assets and services is critical and can help ensure a return to normalcy when the disruption or stress is eliminated. This blog posting describes our research to help organizational leaders manage critical services in the presence of disruption by presenting objectives and strategic measures for operational resilience, as well as tools to help them select and define those measures.


The Latest Research from the SEI

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By Douglas C. Schmidt,
Chief Technology Officer

Douglas C. SchmidtHappy Labor Day from all of us here at the SEI. I’d like to take advantage of this special occasion to keep you apprised of some recent technical reports and notes from the SEI. It’s part of an ongoing effort to keep you informed about our latest work. These reports highlight the latest work of SEI technologists in software architecture, operational resilience, standards-based automated remediation, and acquisition.  This post includes a listing of each report, author/s, and links where the published reports can be accessed on the SEI website.