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Understanding How Network Security Professionals Perceive Risk

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By James Cebula
Senior Member of the Technical Staff
CERT Division
James Cebula

Risk inherent in any military, government, or industry network system cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be reduced by implementing certain network controls. These controls include administrative, management, technical, or legal methods.  Decisions about what controls to implement often rely on computed-risk models that mathematically calculate the amount of risk inherent in a given network configuration. These computed-risk models, however, may not calculate risk levels that human decision makers actually perceive. These decision makers include the network team (e.g., those people who work to implement the controls to ensure the network is secure), the information assurance (IA) officer, and authorizing officials. For example, these models may be missing immeasurable risk factors (e.g., adversarial sophistication or the value to an adversary of data stored on the network) that decision makers perceive as high risk. This blog post describes the problem of how network security professionals perceive risk in more depth, as well as the SEI’s research efforts to study what risk factors influence perceptions of network risk and how risk perceptions are formulated.