Advancing the Scope & Impact of SEI Research

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By Douglas C. Schmidt,
Chief Technology Officer

Douglas C. SchmidtWhen I joined the SEI last year, one of my top priorities was to advance the scope and impact of SEI R&D programs, along with increasing the visibility of the excellent work of SEI technologists who staff these programs. While the SEI is well known for its innovation and impact in several key areas, the breadth and depth of our expertise extends far beyond our most popular technologies.  To increase awareness of all that we’re doing, we’ve established a blog to highlight SEI R&D initiatives, methods, and solutions that are meeting the needs of our customers and partners in government and industry.  This initial post will introduce the goals and themes of the new SEI blog.

SEI technologists have many venues for publicizing their work, including books, journals, technical reports and notes, technical conference proceedings, and trade magazines.  These venues generally disseminate somewhat delayed information in a one-way “read-only” fashion, however, and are often intended for highly specialized audiences.   This blog will thus provide immediate and accessible insights into the broad spectrum of work we do at the SEI via a two-way “read-write” medium where we can interact with you, our audience,  rapidly and effectively.

Writing publications for conventional venues requires a significant time commitment, which is a precious commodity for our technologists who work closely with customers.  This blog will thus provide them with a vehicle to share best practices and lessons learned from their experiences solving vexing software acquisition and operational problems. This blog will also allow our research-focused technologists an outlet to disseminate their latest activities and results rapidly, in addition to their traditional publication venues.

Blog posts will be written by SEI technologists with different backgrounds, expertise, and interests. Some posts will summarize the goals and results of advanced research projects at the cutting edge of science and technology, such as our fuzzy hashing techniques in malware analysis or our tools that automate the painstaking and time-consuming process of checking the provenance similarities of binaries. Other posts will highlight the work of SEI technologists with customer-facing roles on applied, transition- and acquisition-oriented topics such as strategic planning , building a foundation for agile, or our work in helping the U.S. Army develop a software evaluation framework for a Common Operating Environment. In all cases, we will strive for clarity, brevity, and relevance.

This blog will be interactive since we believe the best insights come from dialogue and debate with other technologists, users, and stakeholders. Over time, we will group all the posts and responses into searchable topics that are relevant to the current and future needs of our customers and partners. Although we have expertise in many software and systems engineering topics, we’re always interested in new insights and new opportunities to partner on emerging technologies and interests. We therefore welcome your feedback and look forward to engaging with you in ways that are most effective with web-based technical communication. Posts will include contact information and links to further information for readers who want to know more, or who are looking to collaborate with us on new ideas.  Please feel free to comment on this blog in the space below. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us at with your comments and suggestions.


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9 responses to “Advancing the Scope & Impact of SEI Research ”

  1. Paul D. Nielsen Says:
    Great idea, Doug, and a great opening. I look forward to reading the blog regularly. I hope it opens the window on SEI research efforts to a broader audience. And that it encourages some good discussions and new collaborations.
  2. Fabio Kon Says:
    Great initiative! I´ll follow it closely, looking forward to good material from SEI as well as enlightening ideas :-)
  3. Licheng Zhou Says:
    Great idea. Hope to read new idea from SEI regularly.
  4. Ben Linders Says:
    Great initiative! I’m looking forward to exchange ideas and experiences!

    Can you give us a "sneak preview" of the research topics that the SEI is working on?
  5. Miguel Buitrago Says:
    Congratulations! It's really a great idea to create a two-way “read-write” medium, to help us to exchange knowledge and to increase the visibility of SEI´s work.
  6. Larry Says:
    "Writing publications for conventional venues requires a significant time commitment"

    It does indeed! So thanks for your intiative!

    All the best,

  7. Douglas C. Schmidt Says:
    Hi Ben,

    Thanks very much for your question. Please see

    for my response. Sorry for the delay in responding, but I wanted to accurately summarize the research topics the SEI is working on, which turned into another blog posting! If you have any other questions/comments please let me know.


  8. Bill Says:

    I understand that Software was the foundation of SEI, but since SEI has moved into the areas of Acquisition, Development and Services i'm hoping to see articles and disussions that are not software related. I've worked for two companies and neither performed software, my company build vehicles and marine craft and I'm always looking for ways to improve our processes. Thanks for the Blog.
  9. Douglas C. Schmidt Says:
    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the comment. If you check out this week's posting ( you'll see that it covers a topic (strategic planning) that may be relevant for your needs. Likewise, please see our CMMI for Services work ( and our work on continuous risk management ( for some other topics that pertain to improving acquisition, development, and services processes. We'll be blogging about these (and other) process improvement topics over the coming year, so please let us know what else you'd like to hear about. Thanks very much, Doug

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